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our knowledgeable and licensed technician will install or maintain your existing system to the highest quality and standard all work comes with a one year labor and parts warrant. We stand by every service we provide.
Top of the line technicians guaranteed
Backflow Prevention Devices
Wet Systems
Dry Systems
Pre-Action Systems
Fire Pumps
Anti-Freeze Systems
J mellington fire sprinkler will install ground up fire sprinkler system or ensure your current system is operating as it should. We will work with you from project design to installation our team of in-house designers will design your system and our license techs will do the install ground up.
Service & Repair
we  will be there when it matters the most we offer 24/7 emergency services all year round. We offer yearly, quarterly,monthly and weekly testing and inspection. We offer fire pump and backflow testing. We test and inspect  wet systems. dry systems , pre action systems, anti freeze systems ,fire extinguishers,stand pipe systems, fire pumps, backflow preventers
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J. Mellington Fireprotection has over 14 years of experience in saving lives. We are family owned and operated. We are SBE and MBE certified. We specialize in installation design, testing service  repairs of all fire sprinkler syetem We also do Back flow , fire pump testing and Fire Extinguishers. We are an NFPA member
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